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The Freedom of Knowledge, The Power of Thought. Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom, Peace, Faith, The American Dream, Happiness and Love! Join the Revolution. Our Lives are in danger and the majority of us don't even know it. Learn about the New World Order. To learn more watch videos on my profile. Check out www.infowars.com and Join the Revolution!!!

Posted by djsuono on Aug 16, 09 9:03 pm · History

p.s. added you on facebook :D

Posted by Gigi on Aug 6, 09 12:59 pm · History

thanks Frankie!!! such a sweetie ;)

gaah missed you so much! judging from your conversation with Teesa it appears you're sticking around at least for a bit? YAY!

Posted by Gigi on Aug 6, 09 12:57 pm · History

oh frankie, you are still soo sweet as ever ;)

i'm so glad to hear that you're going to stick around-it better be a long time! and i'm doing well :)

Posted by Teesa on Aug 3, 09 7:35 pm · History

I love you, Frankieeee!

frankie, how have you been??

Posted by Teesa on Aug 2, 09 1:31 pm · History

that guy is sexyyy

Posted by creole on Feb 7, 09 10:10 pm · History

are you gay?

Posted by pessimist on Aug 20, 08 4:00 am · History

i tried to add you, but it would not let me.


Posted by nickbourne on May 16, 08 11:06 am · History

hey :]

Posted by IVIike on Nov 18, 07 11:31 pm · History

How have you been? =]

Posted by arcanum on Nov 13, 07 1:25 am · History

where have you been? i miss you.

Posted by PINKLollyPOP on Oct 15, 07 3:28 am · History

I love you, Frankieeee!
and I miss you.

Posted by arcanum on Sep 27, 07 1:48 am · History

i might have told you this before ... but i love your cB profile. it's just lovely.

Posted by PINKLollyPOP on Sep 19, 07 1:14 pm · History

nooooo... well hopefully you will be back soon :]

Posted by IVIike on Sep 18, 07 3:43 pm · History

frankie where have you been???

Posted by IVIike on Sep 16, 07 6:26 pm · History

hey frankie i haven't seen you around much... how are you?

Posted by IVIike on Sep 9, 07 8:50 pm · History

Fuhrankey! hahaha wow, that looks odd.
I like your song, its JT isn't it? :[

Posted by arcanum on Aug 30, 07 2:19 pm · History

Hmm, interesting... She might have removed the site so no one wouldn't see her site, lol. But that's good she deleted the layout off! I'm glad. =)

Posted by Clashing on Aug 26, 07 3:09 am · History

Hey! What was the site that I gave you? Eh, I don't remember. Did you talk to that person of the site about it?

Posted by Clashing on Aug 24, 07 2:52 am · History

Oh, whoaaa! I didn't view the source but good thing, you did! Wow, I'm even more surprised!

Posted by Clashing on Aug 21, 07 2:23 am · History

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