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YAY! lol

Posted by heyyfrankie on Aug 3, 09 9:50 pm

oh frankie, you are still soo sweet as ever ;)

i'm so glad to hear that you're going to stick around-it better be a long time! and i'm doing well :)

Posted by Teesa on Aug 3, 09 7:35 pm

hello TEESA GURL!!!
omg you're still as gorgeous as ever!!!!

I've been doing really well! i just recently came back to cB because i was bored and just wanted to see how it's changed and to see who was still active on the boards! :) i'll stick around for a bit. LOL

what about you?! how are you?

Posted by heyyfrankie on Aug 3, 09 1:22 am

I love you, Frankieeee!

frankie, how have you been??

Posted by Teesa on Aug 2, 09 1:31 pm
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