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hey :]

Posted by IVIike on Nov 18, 07 11:31 pm

hey, Mike. :)

how are things going?

Posted by heyyfrankie on Nov 13, 07 1:24 am

nooooo... well hopefully you will be back soon :]

Posted by IVIike on Sep 18, 07 3:43 pm

Hey Mike. :D

thanks for the comments wondering where' i've been. haha. makes me feel special. :P

but anyways, i've basically been working or been studying. ITs actually really demanding at the time.

and that's why i just stepped down. :'(

Posted by heyyfrankie on Sep 18, 07 12:22 am

frankie where have you been???

Posted by IVIike on Sep 16, 07 6:26 pm

hey frankie i haven't seen you around much... how are you?

Posted by IVIike on Sep 9, 07 8:50 pm

MIKE! i'm so excited that you were hired! i know you'll do great. [:

Posted by heyyfrankie on Aug 8, 07 12:10 pm

thanks... that whole spacing thing kept happening to me today to :/

Posted by IVIike on Jul 31, 07 5:36 pm

...WTF HAPPENED TO THE LINK I POSTED...there are spaces in the letters...

hm..i guess just delete the spaces "/

or you can look for the topic in the lounge. :]

Posted by heyyfrankie on Jul 31, 07 2:13 pm


http://www.createbl og.com/forums/index.php?showto pic=181388

Posted by heyyfrankie on Jul 31, 07 2:12 pm

what?? i didn't even know there was a contest :]

Posted by IVIike on Jul 31, 07 10:45 am

heyyy, Mike. [:

congratulations on being one of the winners of MOST TALENTED LAYOUT DESIGNER for the cB Superlatives!

i was actually really excited that you'd won. I love your designs.

Posted by heyyfrankie on Jul 31, 07 2:19 am


Posted by IVIike on Jul 29, 07 2:45 pm

thanks... you too

Posted by IVIike on Jun 28, 07 11:17 am

...you seem cool. :D

Posted by heyyfrankie on Jun 27, 07 1:43 pm
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